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Dos días más for our Kickstarter


Yesterday, 6-20-14, we hit 400 likes on Facebook. It may not seem like a lot, but for us, that is awesome! We are so excited to share this experience with you all from the start. We hope you feel the same way.

Our Kickstarter has increased as well, so we are now at 52% funded. We have a long way to go with 2 days left for contributions. It’s been cool getting messages from our supporters including big social influencers who have tweated about us and sent us facebook thumbs up, fist pumps, and chest bumps. We appreciate you all. Keep it coming, it’s our fuel to stay focused.

We’ll repay you however we legally can. Well, at least according to what our lawyer says we can.

Kickstarter Pint Glass Update


A mockup of the Banging Gavel – GUILTY AS CHARGED Exclusive Pint Glass

They come with pledging $25 or more, but only if we reach our goal of $30,000.* At this level of contributions, you would also get a sticker, coaster, and subscription to our Brew News “You’ve Been Served.”

*These and all Mock-ups for the Kickstarter are not final art. Please keep in mind the materials, colors, and small adjustments may be made based on production specifications with our vendors.

Kickstarter T-Shirt Update


Check out the Kickstarter Updates page this week, each day we’ll be sharing what rewards will look for our contributors.*

 * Rewards only provided if the campaign reaches the $30,000 goal.