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Kickstarter Class Action Beer Label Update


We will create a mosaic  of all our $100 supporters and use it in the design of the beer label for “Class Action.” It is a  tribute to our crowdfunding supporters at that specific level. When the time comes, we will contact you to collect your mug shot to include in the design. Check out our Pinterest Board to see what a mosaic looks like.

At this level, you also receive a subscription to our Brew News “You’ve been Served,” a sticker, a coaster, a pint glass, a t-shirt, and a signed poster of the Class Action label. We also grouped this reward with an invite to our Repeat Offenders Bash in the Fall of 2014.

If you have any questions about what this entails, please email us. In order for it to happen, we need to reach our goal of $30,000 by June 23rd. Help us spread the word about our brewery, and be part of the action.

Vie Homebrewer’s Dinner

The Homebrewers Dinner, last night at Vie Restaurant in Western Springs was a blast. The food portions were generous and the beer pairings were unlike any other.

The talented chef, Paul Virant,  along with a few judges at his side, chose 6 beers to be paired with his Homebrewers Dinner Menu. Banging Gavel Brews’ Russian Imperial Stout, Chicanery, was paired with a baked chocolate mousse, malted milk ice cream, raspberry-chocolate jam, and salted popcorn.

Some of our favorite brews paired with the 6 course dinner were: the IPA by Zane Fulton, the Brown Porter by Dustin Wakeman, and a Hibiscus Witbier by Ryan Choado & Alex Stankus.

We want to thank Paul and the Vie staff for a wonderful evening and the honor to serve our beer at the dinner. We’ll be back. ¡Salud!

Kickstarter Pint Glass Update


A mockup of the Banging Gavel – GUILTY AS CHARGED Exclusive Pint Glass

They come with pledging $25 or more, but only if we reach our goal of $30,000.* At this level of contributions, you would also get a sticker, coaster, and subscription to our Brew News “You’ve Been Served.”

*These and all Mock-ups for the Kickstarter are not final art. Please keep in mind the materials, colors, and small adjustments may be made based on production specifications with our vendors.

Kickstarter T-Shirt Update


Check out the Kickstarter Updates page this week, each day we’ll be sharing what rewards will look for our contributors.*

 * Rewards only provided if the campaign reaches the $30,000 goal.

Fathers Day Rewards


Father’s Day is coming up quick. Reward your dad with one of our YOU BE THE JUDGE Kickstarter levels.*

  • REWARD 1: Pledge $10 or more*
    • Get a Banging Gavel Brews Sticker & a Subscription to Banging Gavel Brew News. That way he’ll always know what new brews are coming out before everyone else.
  • REWARD 2: Pledge $25 or more*
    • Get a Banging Gavel Brews –YOU BE THE JUDGE Limited Edition Pint Glass.
    • A BGB Coaster.
    • A BGB Sticker.
    • And a Subscription to Banging Gavel Brew News.
  • REWARD 3: Pledge $50 or more*
    • Get all of the above… plus, a limited edition T-Shirt.
  • REWARD 4: Pledge $100 or more*
    • Upgraded (w/CLASS ACTION): We have combined our 2 most Popular Rewards CLASS ACTION and Repeat Offender. Have your mug shot immortalized in the mosaic label for Banging Gavel Brews upcoming “CLASS ACTION” Brew. Trial date is tentatively scheduled for late 2014. Having your mug shot immortalized will also entitle you to a limited edition signed, numbered poster-sized print of the Class Action brew label. As well as a special invitation to Banging Gavel Brews “Repeat Offender Bash” to be held in early fall in the Chicagoland area (exact location TBD) and items from REWARDS 1, 2 & 3.

Other levels included unique experiences. Invitations to special VIP parties, trips to Breweries across the country, and more. See it all on the Kickstarter Page.

If you decide to do any of the rewards for you dad,  we will work with you to provide a gift certificate to gift on Father’s Day since the Campaign doesn’t end until June 23rd.


La Ley Brewday

Just another day working out in the garage. Doing a test batch with Mangos and Chili Peppers… it’s got some kick. We call it La Ley, translation… The Law.



Taking home-brewed beers to the next level — making Banging Gavel Brews a craft brewery for the Local Chicago Craft Beer Enthusiast.

Visit our Kickstarter Page, watch the video, and check out the level of rewards. There are 12 levels including: T-Shirts, getting your mugshot included in a beer label, naming a piece of equipment and even a Brewers Trip for 4 to your choice of Portland, OR, San Diego, CA, or Denver, CO. See the full list here.

Banging Gavel Brews Inaugural Patio Pour

2014-05-24 17.12.26

Friends and family witnessing the launch of our kickstarter campaign at the BGB Patio Pour. Help us reach our pledge goal of 30K in 30 Days! Visit to see the rewards we have set in place for our backers.  #bangingavel #backers 

The Inaugrual Patio Pour was a great time for all, the weather was beautiful, and the support and feedback was generous. We had 4 beers on tap for our friends and family to try including: our Chicanery Russian Imperial Stout,  Legit IPA, Witness Protection Hefeweizen,  and our Red Handed Irish Red Ale.  As a bonus, we tapped a limited edition beer, Acquittal Belgian Strong Dark Ale for those everyone to taste.

Chicago Beer Rally

2014-05-03 17.52.27

Banging Gavel at our first pouring event! You be the judge. #bangingavel #gavel #beerlove #craftbeer Chicago Beer Rally— with Walter Gabriel and James Richert.

Vie Restaurant | Chicanery

Our Chocolate Stout Chicanery was chosen as a pairing for June 10th home brew dinner at Vie.

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