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Santa has been caught breaking and entering

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RE: Federal Grand Jury Issues Multi-Count Indictment

A Federal Grand Jury, earlier today, issued a multi-count indictment authorizing Federal prosecutors to move forward with charges against one, Kris Kringle a/k/a Santa Claus. This follows a thorough Federal investigation into the questionable activities of Mr. Kringle.

One Federal Investigator, speaking anonymously (for obvious reasons), said that the Feds have been closely monitoring the activities of Mr. Kringle for quite some time now. When last seen, Mr. Kringle was frequenting a local shopping mall and filling young childrens’ minds with false hopes and empty promises.

Although full coverage of the charges being brought against Mr. Kringle are still pending, this source has confirmed that said charges include the following:

  1. Multiple counts of trespassing;
  2. Multiple counts of breaking and entering;
  3. The possession and distribution of controlled substances aka “Magic Flying Dust”;
  4. Violation of fair labor practices;
  5. Violation of animal rights;
  6. Violation of international air space;
  7. Violation of numerous Privacy Acts (Apparently Mr. Kringle knows when you are sleeping and when you are awake. And even if you have been naughty or nice. That’s just plain creepy.); and
  8. Tax evasion.

Speaking through his attorney, Mr. Kringle has denied any wrong doing and said that it appears that “I’m not the only one keeping a list.”

More to follow as developments occur.


Only at the Winter Solstice

The BGB Team will be at the Blarney Stone’s Winter Solstice this Saturday! Pouring our Acquittal Strong Dark Belgian and NINER American Barley Wine.

Also for the celebration of the upcoming holidays, we will have limited pours of our Doing Time Winter Warmer to share. First come, first serve! See you there.

Tickets are on sale for $25.


Winter Solstice


Join us at Blarney Stone’s 4th Annual Winter Solstice Craft Beer Fest

Tickets are $25 in advance
Located at: Blarney Stone Pub in Oak Forest, IL
Saturday, December 13, 2014 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM (CST)

Mash Tun Homebrewer’s Ball


“Chicagoland has so much talent when it comes to homebrewing. That is something that we really should take a tremendous amount of pride in. cheers!” -Jim Richert, President

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Hoppy National IPA Day!


Today is National IPA Day — Get out and have one… OR a double.


Banging Gavel Brews Two:


Pours out a bright golden color. Floral notes on the aroma balanced out with sweet carmel notes on the back end. Medium body feel with hints of fruit.


Pours out a bright golden color. Pine notes on the nose with a hop bite on the back end. Medium body feel with a lingering hop aroma.

GUILTY AS CHARGED! We Admit it — We did it


Our Lawyer is Fired!

No really though, we are so fired up about our FUNDED You Be the Judge Kickstarter Campaign, and excited to include you in this journey from the start. Thank you all so much for the support and belief in us. June 2014 was such a crazy month, and there’s no slowing down now.

We have a few meetings coming up so we will keep you up-to-date on what comes of them. Subscribe to our Brew News “You’ve Been Served” which comes from the email address

We couldn’t ask for better advocates for our beer. Cheers! … ¡Salud! … Slàinte … Prost to our 74 backers.


This is it!


Less than 20 hours left until the You be the Judge Kickstarter Campaign comes to an end. It’s been an exciting 30 Days since we kicked it off at our Patio Pour Party at Jim’s house. There were 100 people at that launch party who tried 5 of our brews we had on tap.

Since then we have poured at 3 events, including a paired dinner, a Food & Fun event, and a summer solstice party. We also entered multiple homebrewers competitions, and shared beers with new friends at various brewers meetings. This past week we hit 400 Likes on Facebook, and hit 100 Followers on Twitter. And lastly, we had a great business meeting with a brewery we are planning to contract brew with on the southside, and we can’t wait to announce that.

We are still looking for the perfect location, and figuring out what size brewing system works best for us at this time. The success of our Kickstarter will help us in so many ways to start moving forward in that decision.

We hope you will help us get through the home stretch today. We have come so far with only 25% left to go! If we are even $1 short of $30,000, we get nothing. So, we appreciate each and every one of you for helping us get to where we are.

The BGB Team

1 DAY! Pledge Today!



$9K to go until we reach our goal of $30K. The Kickstarter Campaign ends Monday, June 23rd at Midnight, CST. Pledge today.

$100 and the $250 levels for the  Class Action Mugshots Mosaic Beer Label, Repeat Offender Bash and the VIP Dinner are the most popular rewards. There’s still more room for your photo in the mosaic. Join the Class Action Today!

Cheers! BGB Crew

Dos días más for our Kickstarter


Yesterday, 6-20-14, we hit 400 likes on Facebook. It may not seem like a lot, but for us, that is awesome! We are so excited to share this experience with you all from the start. We hope you feel the same way.

Our Kickstarter has increased as well, so we are now at 52% funded. We have a long way to go with 2 days left for contributions. It’s been cool getting messages from our supporters including big social influencers who have tweated about us and sent us facebook thumbs up, fist pumps, and chest bumps. We appreciate you all. Keep it coming, it’s our fuel to stay focused.

We’ll repay you however we legally can. Well, at least according to what our lawyer says we can.

3 DAYS until the campaign ends


Our Kickstarter has been picking up speed the last few days, so thank you all who have been supporting us and spreading the word. We want to be able to show our appreciation very soon.

While, we are happy that we have been reaching people who enjoy great tasting beer, there is still more to do. We feel a lot of stress knowing that if we don’t hit our goal, it doesn’t matter how far we have gotten. It is humbling to be honest; we’re a competitive bunch and want to succeed. We’re pushing to the end. Hope you will join us.