The Brew Crew


Brief History

Jim and Ed Richert, Walter Ornelas, and Beckie O’Connor founded Banging Gavel Brews in Chicago, Illinois in 2014. Jim and Ed were in search of a brewery, where they could share their appreciation for micro-brewed craft beers with others. They met Walter, and it all fell into place. Their enthusiasm for great tasting beers brought them together and led to the desire to develop their own brews. They brought on board advertising and marketing expert, Beckie O’Connor, to generate the buzz.

Banging Gavel Brews creates micro-brewed craft beer that serves memorable experiences to those who share Banging Gavel Brews’ passion for high quality, great tasting beer.

Banging Gavel Brews Today

As you may expect being a Home Brewer, we’re working out of our head brewmaster’s home, brewing in his garage and fermenting in the basement. We have a great small batch system that we plan to keep long term for testing and for experimental and limited release batches.

We’ve got the team in place to take Banging Gavel Brews to the next level, made up of a verbose lawyer, a meticulous CPA, a creative marketing savant, oh yeah, we have award-winning brewers as well (shameless plug for our 3rd place finish in the 2014 Charlie Orr Memorial Chicago Cup Challenge).